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The Importance of Wearing a Bra

Bras are a quintessential part of every woman’s wardrobe that you certainly can’t do without. Stylish Bra For Honeymoon Pakistan. They offer tremendous support, comfort, and result in better breast shape. In fact, they aid in better breast health in the long run. Wearing them gives you the necessary confidence as well to pull off anything with ease.

However, to get the most from your bra, it is important to determine the correct size in order to ensure the correct fit & form.

How to Find Your Bra Size

Calculating your size is no rocket size. All you need is a measuring tape, mirror and a non-padded bra. Simply refer to our bra size calculator and determine your size in 2 simple steps.

Now that you know what size would work for you, the next step is to determine the style you should invest in.

Types of Bras

1. T-Shirt Bra: They are a must-have for your under fashion wardrobe. While they are specially designed for body-hugging outfits, you can wear them underneath most of your outfits without compromising on comfort, which is why they are best suited for everyday wear.

2. Push-Up Bra: If you want to boost the appearance of your cleavage, push-up bras are your thing. Double Padded Bra Online Pakistan. They look best under party & bridal outfits.

You can choose the starting from level 1 to 3 depending on the type of drama you need.
Level 1 is best for full or semi-full breasts where only a gentle push is required for support.
Level 2 is suitable for women with semi-full or small breasts as it gives an enhanced shape without drawing a lot of attention.
Lastly, level 3 is best for women with small breasts and crave the appearance of bigger breasts. They have extra padding at the bottom to give a fuller appearance to the breasts and in turn, a perkier cleavage.

3. Sports Bra: Getting the right support while working out carries the utmost importance. A sports bra is able to handle the intensity of the workout, prevents sagging as well as tissue damage. Sports Bra Online Pakistan. However, it is also important to note that there are various impact levels of them depending on the intensity of the workout.
First, there are low impact ones that offer light support for activities like walking, yoga, pilates & strength training.
Then there are medium impact ones ideal for hiking, aerobics, skiing, and cycling.
High impact ones provide maximum support during vigorous workout sessions during the gym, Zumba classes, aerobics, & running.

4. Underwired: If you are semi-breasted or full-breasted, our underwired bras crafted with premium quality wires are your saviour. They lift your breasts and support them, providing a gorgeous silhouette in whatever you wear.

5. Backless: Flaunt your back wearing our stunning backless bras for women that come with a soft and supportive transparent band. The straps and band go invisible under those tricky outfits, providing a flattering look.

6. Strapless: If you’re going off the shoulder or wearing a tube outfit, opt for strapless bras. They are designed with silicon lining along the edges to provide support and prevent slipping down.

7. Plunge: If you want to wear deep neck outfits, meet the plunge bras. They cover nearly one-third of your breasts and have a very deep neckline, becoming your perfect mate when you want to don those daring deep neck dresses & saree blouses.

Apart from the types, there are a couple of bra accessories as well that you can find at PinkDressing to make your lingerie game easy.

Types of Bra Accessories

1. Transparent Straps: Tired of visible straps? Switch to transparent ones instead that offer cleaner appearance.

2. Racerback Converter Rings: If you don’t have a multiway bra & need to style your regular style under a tank top, try the racerback converter rings. They convert your regular bra into a criss cross one for easy styling.

3. Bra Extender: Many a times, the cups fit well but the back band falls tight. Here, a bra extender can come to your rescue. You can attach the additional hook & eye to your regular bra for a better fit.

4. Nipple Pasties: Wearing a outfit that’s so tricky that no bra complements it? Simply use nipple pasties. Now, get adequate modesty coverage without comprising with the appearance of your outfit.

There is a lot of other information too that you should be well versed with. Here, we attempt to give solution to some of the most common woes, so that you can have a happy experience.

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